As a Skincare Specialist Beauty Clinic, our highly-acclaimed & innovative facials are our signature treatment. Begin your skincare journey with us, and discover revolutionised self-care.

We do luxury eye treatments so your eyes can stand out & shine. Having a bad Eyelashes & Eyebrows day? We have you covered with tinting, shaping, lifting and all things brows and lashes.

Our relaxing & blissful body treatments are designed to stimulate your skin & muscle cells to promote intense serenity to sore spots and aches, and to activate cell energy to visibly reduce cellulite.

All of our waxing is done to the upmost highest standard. We choose pristine-quality wax which is gentle, efficient, purely natural and safe & kind to the skin.

We provide luxurious hand and feet treatments to pamper & nourish your nails, nail beds & skin, and remove unwanted dry and dead skin to ensure your hands & feet are velvet-soft and smooth.

Whether you’re going on holiday, have a special occasion, or simply desire a safe & guaranteed golden tan, our tanning can give you that sun-kissed glow while also ensuring healthy and soft skin.

We have a range of exceptionally bespoke, prestige-standard treatments specifically tailored for men, in order to revitalise the skin and energise the body.

Make Up

Our dedicated Make-Up studio is available to you upon request so you can look exceptional on your big day, whether it’s your wedding or any other special occasion. Please email us to make a request.